Quinsigamond, Massachusetts.

An old industrial town, grown up to become a dark, gritty, film-noir metropolitan swarm of houses, abandoned buildings, and sleepy small businesses. To anyone passing through, it would seem to be the city that people came to when it was time to die, time to be forgotten. Ancient movie marquees hang dark next to neon signs advertising an ever-growing variety of adult pleasures. Once-green stretches of parkland slowly take on the dim quality of untended graveyards as booted feet trample onward in unending conflicts between the city’s rival gangs. Train cars that brought wealth and prosperity to this corner of the world rust and decay, now nothing more than shelters for the swelling tide of the homeless and the insane.

It is a city of sin.

It is a city without hope.

Whatever forces conspire against you have drawn you here, to this city of blood and tears. Drugs, whores, and gangs; vampires, werewolves, and mages; angels and demons…something out there is out of the ordinary, and it out to get you. You can feel the eyes watching you, you can hear the whispers when you turn out the lights. You’re not safe here. No one is safe here.

Good luck.

And remember…

The city hungers.

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